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Jvapes E-Liquid | Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer

Established in 2011, Jvapes E-Liquid has been on the forefront of the development and production of premium e-liquid in the vaping industry. Our drive to create the best e-liquid stems from our origins. The initial idea of electronic cigarettes was profound and life changing to us. When vaping was still relatively new, we found that the products available at the time left a lot to be desired. The need for better, more palatable products sparked an idea that became Jvapes today.

With so many options out there for e-juice online, why choose Jvapes? Each and every premium e-liquid that we create starts with an idea, many of them from individuals like you. After inception our premium e-liquids are individually handcrafted and quality tested in our AEMSA certified laboratory. Your e-juice is created after you place your order to ensure that you receive a high-quality product in its finest state. We will settle for nothing less than the highest quality e-juice, and neither should you.

We created this company because, like you, we wanted the quality of our e-liquids to be apparent from the first inhale to the last drop. Your input is always valued and appreciated. Whether you are new to vaping and in need of some advice on where to get started, or looking for the latest mods or new e-juices recommendations; we are here to help.

Find us on Facebook or sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about upcoming sales, specials, new releases, and limited edition e-juice notices. If you prefer Instagram, you can find us there too @Jvapes. If you live near one of our locations you are always welcome to stop by and taste all of our premium e-liquid flavors to find your favorite. You can also find our e-juice at one of our Authorized Retailer locations.