LG HE4 18650 Battery

Single LG HE4 18650 Battery

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LG HE4 18650 Battery

Features of the LG HE4 Battery:

  •     2500mAh capacity
  •     20 Amp continuous max. discharge
  •     Weight: 47grams
  •     Height: 65.3mm
  •     Diameter: 18.5mm


The LG HE4 is an exceptional choice for most 18650 mods.  This flat top battery is highly regarded as one of the best choices on the market.  Lithium ion batteries are preferred for their flat-rate discharge which provides consistent performance for nearly the duration of the charge.  Capable of a 20A high-drain, the LG HE4 makes a good pair for many regulated mods.

Safety Information: 

Although the LG HE4 is factory tested for safety, please observe these guidelines:

The LG HE4 is rated for use at 20 Amp continuous discharge.  Please do not exceed this capacity. 

The LG HE4 should never be exposed to high temperatures (more than 70 Celsius) or left in direct sunlight.  If your battery gets hot, let it rest! 

Do not store or carry your LG HE4 loosely (such as in your pocket, a purse, backpack, etc.)

Do not immerse the LG HE4 in any liquid.

Please use correct charger.  You can find authorized chargers here.

Avoid impact and/or penetration.

Do not connect the + and – terminals with conductive material or reverse poles.

Do not use your LG HE4 if you observe any deformations, color changes, or rust.

Keep away from children.

Do not store inside of microwaves or other cooking appliances.

Do not disassemble or change the construction of the LG HE4 in any way.

Do not charge or discharge near flammable materials.

If any fluid from battery leaks on skin, flush with water to avoid irritation.

Please recycle LG HE4 when replacing.  

Sold as single battery only


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These are good batteries.. theyre long lasting and affordable
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